Tienda Pachamama brings to New Zealand the best quality artesanal gourds, (mates) straws (bombillas) and thermos for a unique and authentic experience

Please note that our mates (gourds) and straws (bombillas) range is quite reduced at the moment due to the effects of COVID-19. Many of our suppliers had to close their factories or are working with a reduced number of staff. As a result, our order was delayed. However, we have a new and exciting range of gourds and straws arriving in late SEPTEMBER 2020!

Traditionally, yerba mate is brewed in a gourd (mate) and sipped through a straw (bombilla). Gourds (aka "mates) are traditional products used to drink mate cebado.  Check our selection of recipes to prepare yerba mate. Tienda Pachamama has the best selection of traditional, modern and classic gourds (mates) to drink yerba mate: hand crafted artisanal gourds, ceramic, pumpkin aluminium and more. Our range of straws (bombillas) includes the traditional filter tip or the more modern spring filter, both work wonders! We also have  yerba mate gift packs that include all in one!





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179A Archers Rd, Hillcrest, Auckland

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