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Get all in one! Great combo to drink yerba mate. Includes: 1 Kg pack of Rosamonte special selection 1 stainless steel bombilla (straw) 1 mate (gourd) made of wood and covered in alloy (very sturdy). This gourd must be treated before use. We will send you the instructions, please follow them and email us if you have any questions. 1 box of mate cocido (mate tea ) gourd stainless Steel straw and 1kg yerba mate Rosamonte special selection.


PLEASE NOTE, THIS GOURD REQUIRES CURING. We don't exchange or refund gourds if they break after curing, as we have no way of determining if the instructions have been followed or not. If you are in doubt, please purchase a kit with a mate that doesn't require curing. This mate is made of hard wood so you must cure it for over a week following the instructions supplied in the package.

Rosamonte Gift Pack

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