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We are Gabriela and Daniel, an Argenkiwi couple who love yerba mate!


Our business story started back in 2005 when it was very difficult to find a decent and regular supply of yerba mate in New Zealand. We absolutely love yerba mate! Not just because of the health benefits it possess, but because of the nature of drinking the mate and sharing it with friends. So we decided to travel and source for the best of Argentina!


Since 2006 we have been bringing the best yerba mate to New Zealand. So where can you buy yerba mate? Of course, here! we also have a store in the Northshore, you are welcome to visit us and browse our yerbas. Throughout the North and South Island we work providing the best yerba mate to shops that sell directly to you. Where can you buy yerba mate in New Zealand? Email us and we will give you directions to the closest store near you!

We have a large variety of yerba mate, including Brands such as Canarias yerba mate, Kraus Organic, Playadito, Liebig, Rosamonte, Amanda, Mate Rojo, Canarias, Serena, Taragui, Barao, Nobleza Gaucha, CBSe, Verdeflor, Cruz de Malta and many, many more! We work directly with producers and are currently the sole representatives of Rosamonte, Kraus Organic, Playadito, Canarias, San Ignacio and El Chucupal.

We also bring the best sweets such as Dulce de Leche, quince, sweet potato paste, natural and delicious jams, cookies, lollies, beverages and traditional artisan wool garments.

We hope you enjoy the Best of Argentina! Let us know if there are new products you wish to have in the future, we are always searching for new products.

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