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Rosamonte mate: wooden gourd covered in aluminium. Very sturdy. This gourd must be 'cured' before using.


We provide instructions on how to cure a gourd But we take no responsibility if the gourd breaks after curing or during use. You must take care curing this gourd following the instructions provided as it's made of hardwood. The price DOES NOT include the straw. This price is only for the gourd.


Please don't buy this product if you are unsure about the curing process or inquire before purchasing. WE DONT PROVIDE REFUNDS for gourds that break during curing or after the curing process.

Traditional mate (gourd) Rosamonte

  • Please note Tienda Pachamama takes no responsability for breakes or damage that happens during or after curing. We provide you with instructions on curing the gourd as a guideline but it's your responsability to cure your gourd. Gourds are vegetable products and longer curing times may be required for some gourds.

    By purchasing this gourd you accept the full responsability of curing it properly. Please note we don't give refunds or exchanges for gourds that are broken or damaged during of after the curing process.

    If you have doubts we suggest purchasing one of our gourds that don't need curing such as Gauchada Barrica or any of the glass or ceramic gourds.

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