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Yerba Verdeflor: yerba mate with herbs, from Cordoba to the world.

Tienda Pachamama is the sole importer and distributor of yerba Verdeflor in New Zealand. Meet Mr Ernesto Cordeiro, general manager of the company.

Who are part of Verdeflor yerba mate?

Verdeflor (Cordeiro y Cía SRL) is one of the companies that make up the Cordeiro Group. We have been developing in the agro-industrial sector for more than 40 years. We have two business units (Yerba Verdeflor and La Blanca Industrial Dulce de Leche).

We have family business DNA and our origin that goes back to an entrepreneur who wanted to write his own story. That imprint today grows and evolves thanks to the management and administration of the second family generation. We are currently a team of more than 120 direct employees who are growing humanely and professionally.

How was the company formed? How did you come up with the idea of ​​making yerba mate with herbs?

The history of Verdeflor begins in the early 1980s, at the hands of an entrepreneur who had a tireless spirit. With the aim of generating his own path, he promoted several previous projects that had disparate results. While drinking mate with a friend, the idea of ​mixing natural herbs with yerba mate (or compound yerba as it's known) arose, and in November 1981 Cordeiro and Co was formally established, which is the company that produces Verdeflor.

What are the objectives of Verdeflor?

From the incursion of the second family generation in the direction of the company, a new stage of evolution begins. The partners initiated a different management mode, a professionalization of the areas to grow not just the companies but also their people.

We intend to continue being the first exporter of yerba mate mixed with herbs in Argentina. At the same time, in the domestic market, we aspire to continue consolidating ourselves in the consumption of yerba mate.Finally, and with great conviction, we always have in mind the objective of strengthening a human team that grows humanely and professionally within the company. This is not a project or an objective, it is our DNA, our way of being and doing.

How has the growth of the company been?

At the beginning, everything was “on the fly”. The same founder was personally in charge of everything, he made the trips to buy raw materials, either to Misiones for the yerba mate or to the interior of the province of Córdoba to buy aromatic herbs. Nowadays, the evolution of the company is based on a strategic planning that began some years ago.

How many products do you currently have? Do you plan to launch new products?

We have 9 different varieties. Serrana Herbs, Boldo, Lemon Balm, Peperina, Cedrón, Mint, Orange, Premium and Traditional Serrana Herbs.

We have recently launched these last two: Premium and Traditional Serrana Herbs with the idea that our consumers make their own blends. We are always in continuous evolution and looking for new things to do.

How many countries are you currently distributing your products to?

We are currently selling our products all over South America, the United States and Europe. Also, to other countries such as New Zealand.

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us Ernesto. We are so proud of representing Verdeflor in New Zealand!

Buy Verdeflor at Tienda Pachamama Latino Store, we have a new container arriving shortly that includes the new varieties of Verdeflor Yerba Mate, watch this space!


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