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From Chile with love: Delicias Pascal Chilean Foods

We introduce you Francisca Zuñiga, founder of Delicias Pascal Chilean Foods

Hi, I'm Fran. I come from the city of Iquique in the north of Chile. I arrived in New Zealand in 2018 with my husband and two children, looking for a better place to live. I come from a family that is related to the commercial industry, Chilean cuisine and the fishing industry.

In Chile, I worked in a bookstore. I learned to edit and design documents which helped me a lot to put together my labels for Delicias Pascal.

Tell us about your business

My business is called Delicias Pascal. Today we take orders over the phone or social media, delivering them or for collection at our place, we participate in different markets to sell our products. I prefer to work to order, so that people can enjoy a fresh, freshly prepared product, because the taste is so much better!

Francisca tells us that the products of Tienda Pachamama that she likes the most are:

What products do you sell in New Zealand?

I prepare traditional Chilean foods. Those typical foods that were used in the 'onces' with the grandmothers, in the celebrations of September 18 or even that you could get in the cart on the corner of the street while you waiting for the micro (bus). I make fried and baked Chilean empanadas, corn cake, traditional Chilean bread (hallullas and marraquetas), berlines, powdered, cornstarch alfajores, arm of queen, pancakes, lemon pie, threads, broken calzones, sopaipillas with pebre, and mote con bones. All the products are handmade and we use the best ingredients.

How did you start with this endeavor?

When we first arrived in New Zealand, the cost of living began to shrink our savings very quickly - it hit us hard! My husband's salary was not much, and there came a time when our expenses far exceeded our income. I did not know any English, the savings I had to study were used to keep the household economy afloat. That's when I began to review what options I had to help and generate income. I realized that it was time to take advantage of my skills in the kitchen. I studied clothing and textile manufacturing in Chile, but my family in Iquique had a business where they sold food during the day and fast food at night. So I started trying some of the family recipes and offering them to the small circle of friends we have here.

What difficulties did you have when starting your business?

My main difficulty was communicating in English. For this reason, in the beginning my products were focused on Latino clients, for the ease of communication. Then I started participating in the Pachamama Latin Market, which helped me a lot. I realized that the diverse community that lives in New Zealand enjoy trying new things and Chilean food is very popular. As for my preparations, it was difficult to adapt the Chilean recipes to the ingredients that we have available in New Zealand, since the flavors vary a bit. But after several tests I found the right ingredients and we came up with recipes with excellent results.

What are the challenges you currently have?

Now, we are testing recipes to launch new products. I would love to ensure that our products can reach every corner of New Zealand.

What do you enjoy the most about your business?

I like to make easy preparations, without fear, without having to think that I cannot prepare it because I am missing an ingredient. Also, to be able to pass on to my children the beauty of our Chilean cuisine. It is nice to feel that, despite being on the other side of the world, we can make people remember that special moment, like when we ate empanadas in the inns or soup from a cart on the street.

Why did you decide to participate in Pachamama Latin Market?

Because it was a great opportunity to share our products, meet more people and thus create new ties. The Pachamama Latin market has been a great window to make us known as a business.

What do you like the most about the Mercadito Latino de Pachamama?

I couldn't pick just one thing! I love that it is a meeting place, where we reconnect with our roots and share that classic Latino party atmosphere, where there is a space for our children to embrace our beautiful culture, the feeling of camaraderie between those of us who have stalls, live music and dances that remind us of the JOY AND TASTE that Latinos carry in our blood!

Do not stop trying the delicacies that Francisca cooks, follow Delicias Pascal on social networks: Delicias Pascal on Facebook or Instagram.

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Los mejores !!!!! Que orgullo hermana mía siempre has sido perseverante y luchadora en todo lo que te propones o se proponen como familia, los echamos mucho de menos y en cada junta siempre los recordamos ❤️

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