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Pastafrola: quince jam pastry

This is a traditional Argentine dessert that is often eaten with mate in the afternoon while chatting with friends. This is a simple dessert to make and impress your friends!

Traditional Pastafrola

Dough ingredients:

  • 300 g. self-rising flour

  • 100 g. sugar

  • 150 g. butter or margarine

  • 2 eggs

  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

  • Citrus (lemon or organge) peel

Dough Preparation: 

Pour the flour and sugar in a bowl and add the butter. Then form a crown with the mixture. In a glass, beat 2 eggs slightly and add a teaspoon of vanilla essence, and place the eggs inside the crown (reserve a

little to paint the pastafrola). Form a soft dough with this.

Stretch the dough (with rolling pin with some flour so that the dough does not stick to the bottom), until 0.5 cm. Using ¾ of the dough, cover a mold (approximately 24 cm. diameter), previously buttered and floured. Cover with the filling ingredients (see below).


Filling ingredients


Filling preparation:

Place the quince paste (diced) in a pan fire with water and stir continuously.

When dissolved, remove from heat and let cool. If necessary we will put more water.

Put the filling on top of the dough. With the remaining dough make strips and place them on top

of the filling doing a criss-cross. Paint with the egg the edge strips of pastafrola. Cook using a hot

oven (180C)  for aprox. 20 -30 minutes, but this varies for each oven. Keep checking and make sure it does not burn!

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