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Yerba Mate Amanda 500gr in a Tin with pourer. Choose your favorite colour 


Yerba Mate Amanda, is a premium blend of high-quality yerba mate leaves from the lush forests of Argentina. Packaged in a convenient and durable tin with a pourer, this 500g size is perfect for avid yerba mate drinkers who appreciate a great value and a long-lasting supply. The tin keeps the yerba mate fresh and preserves its rich flavor and aroma.


Yerba Mate Amanda is grown and harvested using sustainable practices and is carefully selected and processed to ensure a consistent and satisfying taste. The leaves are expertly dried, then finely chopped to maximize flavor and potency. With a full-bodied taste and a natural energy boost, Yerba Mate Amanda is perfect for morning or afternoon pick-me-ups. 

Whether you're an experienced yerba mate drinker or new to this ancient tradition, Yerba Mate Amanda in a tin 500g is the perfect choice for those who want a premium and authentic yerba mate experience.

Yerba Mate Amanda in Tin 500g

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