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Yerba Mate Amanda 500gr in a Tin.


Yerba Mate Amanda in a Tin Original Design 1950 Edition is a unique and special version of this traditional South American tea. This edition pays homage to the original design of the Amanda tin from the 1950s, adding a touch of nostalgia and vintage charm to your yerba mate experience.

Inside the tin, you'll find a premium blend of high-quality yerba mate leaves, carefully selected and processed to ensure a consistent and satisfying taste. The leaves are expertly dried and finely chopped to maximize flavor and potency, resulting in a full-bodied taste and a natural energy boost.


The tin itself is made from durable metal and features the iconic original design from the 1950s, including the classic Amanda logo and traditional patterns. This edition is perfect for yerba mate enthusiasts who appreciate the history and heritage of this well recognised and established brand.


Tin with pourer 500g

Yerba mate Amanda in a Tin

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