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Discover the invigorating power of Yerba Mate Aguantadora in this generous 1 kg package. Sourced from the finest plantations in Misiones (Argentina), this yerba mate is meticulously crafted to provide a stimulating experience that will keep you going throughout the day. With a rich and robust flavor profile, Yerba Mate Aguantadora offers a harmonious blend of earthy notes and gentle bitterness, creating a truly satisfying drinking experience.


Unleash your productivity and savor the authentic taste of Yerba Mate Aguantadora. The carefully selected leaves are expertly dried and aged to perfection, ensuring a consistent and premium quality product. Perfect for sharing with friends and family or for personal enjoyment, this 1 kg package guarantees an ample supply of this beloved South American yerba mate tea. Embrace the revitalizing qualities of Yerba Mate Aguantadora and experience a stimulating journey with every sip.

1Kg Pack

Yerba mate Aguantadora 1Kg

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