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Yerba mate Amanda for Terere 500g.


This yerba mate has low poder content, leaves are cut bigger which make it ideal to drink "terere". Yerba Mate Amanda Terere is a refreshing and energizing version of the traditional South American tea, yerba mate. Unlike the traditional hot yerba mate, terere is served cold, usually over ice, and is a popular beverage in Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil.


Yerba Mate Amanda Terere is made from a blend of high-quality yerba mate leaves, which are carefully selected and processed to ensure a consistent and satisfying taste. The leaves are dried and finely chopped to maximize flavor and potency, then packaged.


To prepare Yerba Mate Amanda Terere, you simply mix the yerba mate with cold water, ice, and your choice of herbs or fruits to create a refreshing and invigorating drink. The resulting terere has a smooth and milder taste compared to hot yerba mate, with a natural energy boost and a range of health benefits.


Yerba Amanda Terere 500g

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