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Green tomatillos are also known as husk tomatoes. They appear like green, unripe tomatoes with a dry, leafy husk that wraps around the outside.

Experience the vibrant flavors of Mexican cuisine with our Whole Green Tomatillos. These small, green tomatoes are a staple in traditional Mexican dishes, known for their tangy and slightly acidic taste

Used extensively in Mexican cooking, Whole Green Tomatillos are a versatile ingredient that can elevate the taste of countless recipes. They are a key component in preparing the beloved salsa verde, a zesty and refreshing salsa that pairs perfectly with tacos, enchiladas, and grilled meats. The tomatillos' bright and tart flavor cuts through the richness of dishes, adding a delightful twist to soups, stews, and sauces.

To use Whole Green Tomatillos, simply remove their husks and rinse them thoroughly. Roasting or boiling the tomatillos brings out their natural sweetness and intensifies their flavors. For a quick and easy salsa verde, blend roasted tomatillos with fresh cilantro, onion, garlic, and a touch of lime juice. The result is a vibrant, tangy sauce that will liven up any dish.


Whether you are a professional chef or an adventurous home cook, our Whole Green Tomatillos are a must-have ingredient in your pantry. Embrace the authentic taste of Mexico and unlock a world of culinary possibilities with this vibrant gem.

Tin 790g

Whole Tomatillo 790g - husk or green tomatoes

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