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Goya Frozen Slices Fried Ripe Plantain 1.13Kg (1130gr) Box - Platano Maduro Tajado Goya


Nutritious and DeliciousIndulge in the sweet and creamy texture of Goya Frozen Slices Fried Ripe Plantains. Perfectly sliced and fried to perfection, these plantains are a convenient and nutritious addition to your meals. Available in a 1.13kg pack, they are frozen for your convenience—simply heat them in the microwave and enjoy!


Try original recipes from Latinamerica to prepare:

Maduros (Sweet Fried Plantains): A popular side dish made by frying ripe plantain slices until they are golden brown and caramelized.

Plátano en Tentación (Temptation Plantains): A traditional dish from Panama where ripe plantains are baked with cinnamon, butter, sugar, and sometimes rum.

Tajadas: Common in Venezuela and Colombia, these are thick slices of ripe plantains that are fried and often served as a side dish.

Mangú con Los Tres Golpes: A Dominican Republic dish featuring mashed plantains served with fried cheese, salami, and eggs.

Plantain Empanadas: Ripe plantains are mashed and used as the dough to encase various fillings, often cheese or meat, then fried or baked.

Sliced ripe plantain GOYA - Platano maduro tajado

  • Frozen product: we ship frozen products well packed but using normal courier which may take 1-3 working days for delivery and product may arrive thawed. Only buy this product if you agree with this terms please.

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