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El Mexicano White Hominy prepared with water, salt and sodium.

Hominy is a food produced from dried maize kernels that have been treated with an alkali. Don't worry the alkali is washed away.

Hominy is also sometimes cracked to make samp, coarsely ground into grits, or very finely ground to make masa flour. It is also used for stews, to make tortillas and tamales, or as a dish all on its own.


How do you eat white hominy?

Stir hominy into stovetop or oven-baked mac and cheese. Or any cheesy casserole, for that matter. Much like sweet corn, hominy loves cheese. Speaking of cheese, hominy is delicious in cheesy mashed-potato soup, too.


Maiz molido el Mexicano

Hominy Tin 3.06 Kg

White Hominy - Maiz molido El Mexicano

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