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Las aventuras de Olive - The adventures of Olive

Spanish - English book, great to grow bilingual children. Written byHannah Hopcroft, Caliandra Arrais and Florencia Bell.


Full colour ilustrations, soft cover 33 pages.


What a fantastic way to teach your kids about Latinamerica or practice your spanish.


The adventures of Olives is a series of books about the true story of Olive, a little kombi, and the big adventure she goes on with her parents, Hannah and Ernesto. Olive and her parents drive from Argentina all the way to Mexico, exploring cultures, languages and nature. Even though they spent months planning their big adventure, nothing could have prepared them for all thet they would see or for the lessons Latin America would teach them along the way. Lessons about themselves, each other and the world.


Las aventuras de Olives es una serie de libros sobre la historia real de Olive, una pequeña kombi, y la gran aventura que emprende con sus padres, Hannah y Ernesto. Olive y sus padres manejan desde Argentina hasta México, explorando culturas, idiomas y la naturaleza. Aunque pasaron meses planeando su gran aventura, nada podría haberlos preparado para todo lo que verían o para las lecciones que América Latina les enseñaría en el camino. Lecciones sobre sí mismos, sobre los demás y sobre el mundo.

The adventures of Olive - Bilingual kids book

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