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Best before: 10 Aug 2023

Quince and sweet potato paste special: buy one and get 50% OFF the second one!

Oferta especial: Dulce de batata y membrillo, compra uno y llevate el segundo 50%OFF!!


Elegi la combinacion que mas te gusta:

2 dulce de batata

1 dulce de batata y 1 dulce de membrillo

2 dulce de batata


Para que nunca te falte membrillo o dulce de batata para esa Pasta frola!


Special offer: Sweet potato and quince paste, buy one and get the second one at 50% OFF!

Choose the combination you like the most:

2 sweet potato paste

1 sweet potato paste and 1 quince paste

2 sweet potato paste

Never run out of quince or sweet potato paste for your Pasta frola!

Special Fruit Paste Combo

Out of Stock
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