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Rosamonte suave, yerba mate with stems. Smooth yerba mate, one of the favourites brands among Argentines. This is the smoother in the Rosamonte family. 


Discover the gentle and smooth flavor of Yerba Mate Rosamonte Suave. This special blend offers a milder taste, perfect for those seeking a more delicate experience with yerba mate. Crafted with care, Rosamonte Suave provides a soothing and enjoyable yerba mate that can be savored at any time of the day.


Yerba Mate Rosamonte Suave maintains the authentic essence of traditional yerba mate while offering a softer and more subtle profile. The carefully selected leaves create a well-balanced infusion, allowing you to fully appreciate the gentle flavors and nuances of this remarkable blend. Experience a smoother journey into the world of yerba mate with Rosamonte Suave.


Indulge in the tranquility of Yerba Mate Rosamonte Suave. Whether you're a seasoned yerba mate enthusiast or new to this invigorating beverage, this blend offers a delightful alternative for those looking for a milder taste. Immerse yourself in the gentle and inviting flavors of Rosamonte Suave and enjoy a truly relaxing and enjoyable tea-drinking experience.

Yerba mate Rosamonte Suave 1 Kg

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