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Traditional Rosamonte, strong in flavour but with not stems and low powder. 

xperience the pure essence of Yerba Mate Rosamonte, carefully selected and expertly crafted without stems. This exceptional blend delivers an authentic taste that captures the true spirit of South America's beloved beverage. Sourced from the lush landscapes of Argentina, our Yerba Mate Rosamonte is a testament to quality and tradition.


Each sip unveils a harmonious balance of robust earthiness and subtle smokiness, providing a rich and satisfying tea-drinking experience. With no stems, this blend offers a smooth and pure infusion, allowing the full flavors of the yerba mate leaves to shine through. Embrace the essence of Yerba Mate Rosamonte and immerse yourself in a cherished tradition with every cup.

Yerba mate Rosamonte Despalada (no stems)

$15.99 Regular Price
$12.79Sale Price
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