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Please note that the straw is the filter type NOT the "paleta" type.

We provide you with a photo of the straw so it's clear how it looks, but if you have doubts please email us BEFORE purchasing.


En caso de duda por favor preguntar antes de comprar.


Mate (gourd) made of pumpkin covered in authentic leather, handmade. Includes a bombilla (straw) made of alpaca metal. Alpaca, also called Argentan or German silver, is an alloy of three metals: copper, zinc and nickel. Please note the sizes of the gourd varies a lot as they are vegetable products. If you want a small or large gourd please let us know.


Combo mate y bombilla: Mate torpedo con bombilla pico de loro de alpaca desarmable. Este mate requiere curado. Te enviamos las instrucciones para curar tu mate, por favor síguelas ya que sino tu mate se puede romper o yomsr hongos. No hacemos devociones por roturas o daños causados a mates mal curados.This gourd requires a pretreatment before using. We send you the instructions to do this but we take no responsibility for damages caused as a result of improper curing. Please note we don't exchange or provide refunds for gourds or straws that have been used.


If you have doubts of questions, please contact us before purchasing the product.


Pack: Mate torpedo con bombilla pico de loro

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  • This pumpking gourd MUST be pretreated (or "cured") before using. La Pachamama LTD takes no responsability for breakages or damages that may happen due to incorrect curing of the gourd or use. We will supply you with instructions to do this, and it is easy but you must do it. If you prefer an already cured gourd, browse our selection of Gauchada wooden gourds they come already treated. Otherwise we have a nice selection of glass, metal and ceramic mates that they don't need treatment.

    Please be aware that pumpkin gourds may break if the water is too hot and poured directly onto the calabash. They may acquire mould (which will affect the flavour of the mate) if left wet and may break if not used for several weeks. You agree to purchase this product knowing this may happen, and that it is not our responsability to replace the gourd if it does.

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