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Olluquito aderezado en lata abre facil Doña Isabel. Tin 350g

Easy opening seasoned ollucucus slices (melloco).


Find out from Wikipedia anout Olluquito:

"Olluquito, olluquito con carne (with meat) and olluquito con ch'arki (with dried llama meat) are traditional dishes in Peruvian cuisine made with ulluku (Quechua, hispanicized spellings ulluco, olluco) a root vegetable that also has edible leaves. It is an important root crop in the Andean region of South America, second only to the potato. The leaf and the tuber are edible; the leaves are similar to spinach, and the root is not unlike a potato or jicama. The Ulluku contains high levels of protein, calcium, and carotene. Papalisa were used by the Incas prior to arrival of Europeans in South America. It can be served with meat"

Olluquito en lata Dona Isabel

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