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Mate de madera de palo santo


Gourd made of Lignum vitae (wood of life) this wood is also known as guayacan or guaiacum. This wood is characterised for its extraordinary combination of strength, toughness, and density. For this reason, this gourd needs to be cured very well. We recommend a minimum of 5 -7 days of curing and using an unflavoured oil to moist the wood before starting the curing process. If you don't cure the gourd properly it will break as the wood is hard.

Please note we don't refund or exchange gourds after they have been used (either during or after the curing). 


We have a wide range of gourds that don't require curing. If you are unsure, please let us know before purchasing and we'll advise you.



Mate gourd, palo santo wood

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  • This mate is made of HARD wood. Even if you cure it well you will need to take care of it and mantain it. This means that after you finish drinking, you need to throw away the old yerba, rinse it with cold water, dry it and put it away.

    • Don't leave it under the direct sunlight or a source of heat
    • If you don't use for 10+ days, you need to cure it again
    • Every now and then, use oil to moisten the wood inside and out to avoid breakages.
    • This is a vegetable product. It's HARD wood sensitive to changes in moisture and heat so curing the gourd and proper care will give you a long lasting mate, but if you don't it will break and remember..we don't refund or exchange broken gourds, so choose well.
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