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Tapioca Crepe is a product created by Brazilian indigenous people long ago...

This delicious Brazilian delicacy did not take long to be discovered by Portuguese colonizers in the 16th century, in Pernambuco, being adopted as a bread substitute. Today, tapioca represents the Brazilian cuisine.

Going back to our origins, we created Mani Tapioca®, which is 100% made of pure hydrated tapioca flour and is original and tasty.

Mani Tapioca® is stored in a very practical stand-up, zipper bag, in order to provide easy handling and storage.

And as usual, Mani Tapioca has no added preservatives, humectants and stabilizers. It is really natural!

A great option for those who want to have a gluten-free, lactose-free and salt-free balanced diet.

Just between you and me, I love tapioca crepe!

Mani Tapioca Premium 500g

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