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Introducing Inca's Food Maca Drink, a delicious and refreshing beverage made from the finest maca roots. Experience the authentic flavors of Peru with this smooth and refreshing drink. 


Inca's Food Maca Drink is a perfect blend of natural ingredients, carefully crafted to provide a refreshing taste. With its smooth and velvety texture, it delivers a satisfying sip that will awaken your senses and leave you feeling refreshed.


Sourced from the pristine highlands of the Andes, our maca roots undergo a meticulous process to preserve their authentic flavors. Every sip of Inca's Food Maca Drink is a journey through the flavors of Peru, showcasing the earthy and nutty notes that are characteristic of this beloved ingredient.

Refrigerate after opening - Shake well before opening


Maca Drink Inca's Food

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