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Haskell's Leave-In Conditioner, nurturing Your Hair!

Discover the Benefits:

Control Frizz - Enhance Curls - Provide UV Protection - No Rinse Needed - Heat Activation - Ideal for Pre-Blow Drying


Our conditioner is expertly crafted to moisturize, strengthen, and safeguard your hair against various external factors, including pollution, wind, chlorine, sun exposure, and dust. Just apply and leave it in.


For best results, apply Haskell's Leave-In Conditioner to your dry or damp hair after using Haskell's Cassava line, and style as desired.


For a more intensive treatment, cleanse your hair with Haskell's Cassava Shampoo, apply Haskell's Cassava Moisturizing Mask, massage thoroughly, use a thermal head wrap, wait for 15 minutes, and then rinse.

Haskell Cassava Leave-in Conditioner 150 gr

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