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Pumpking artesanal gourd hand crafted with alpaca (silver mix type metal) design. This mate MUST be cured. See instructions below or email us if you have any questions. This is a premium traditional gourd.

Mate de calabaza labrado a mano con dije de alpaca. Necesita ser curado antes de usarse. Ver las instrucciones abajo.

Gourd Handcraft Artisanal

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  • Instructions to cure a pumpkin gourd:

    1. Put two table spoons of yerba mate inide the gourd and fill to the top with tepid water from the tap (not hot!), leave overnight.
    2. Drain the water and the yerba. Carefully use a small spoon to remove the inside 'skin' of the pumpkin. Make sure you are gentle otherwise you can make a hole on your gourd.
    3. Repeat step 1 and let is sit for another day
    4. Repeat step 2 and it should be ready to use after this!
  • Never leave a pumpkin gourd with used yerba mate after you drunk mate, this will create mould. NEVER put a pumpkin gourd on a dishwasher or use soap to clean it, these are big no-nos! Remember, your gourd is a vegetable so don't expose it to extreme temperatures (window sill, top of the oven, etc)

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