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Goya Hoja de Choclo 454g - Corn Husks FROZEN PRODUCT


Perfect for Traditional Latin American Dishes

Goya Hoja de Choclo is the essential ingredient for crafting authentic and delicious Latin American recipes. Available in a convenient 454g pack, these natural corn husks are perfect for making tamales antioqueños, pasteles en hoja dominicanos, humitas ecuatorianas, and more.


Pack 454g, please note the leaves are actually green (not brown as in the picture)

Frozen corn husks - Hojas de Choclo

  • This product is FROZEN we ship it well packed but using normal courier which means it may arrive thawed. Please only buy it if you agree to this condition as we dont provide refunds for product that arrives thawed. Alternatively, you can purchase this from our shop: Pachamama Latino Store 179A Archers Rd, Auckland

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