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Dulce de Leche (milk caramel spread) La Serenisima Repostero is a must have in a southamerican kitchen. Thick and creamy is the best dulce de leche to fill any pastry, decorate cakes and enhance your baking. 400g



Dulce de leche La Serenisima repostero, cremoso y mas espeso que el dulce de leche tradicional. Perfecto para decorar tus tortas, rellenar facturas o untar en las tostadas. Frasco de 400g


La Serenísima was founded in 1929 by Antonino Mastellone, a cheese-maker from Sardinia who arrived in Argentina in 1925. Antonio and his brother Giuseppe Mastellone founded Hermanos Mastellone in General Rodríguez in 1927. La Serenísima  pioneered the sale of lactose-free milk in Argentina in 1984, became the market leader in the sale of yogurt and introduced cultured milk locally,. La Serenísima also introduced large-scale organic dairy farming in Argentina and became the first to fortify its products with iron sulfate.


Dulce de Leche La Serenisima Repostero - Dulce de Leche for baking (thicker) La Serenisima / Products from Argentina and southamerica shipped directly to your home.

Dulce de Leche La Serenisima Repostero 400g

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