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Introducing Cepera Dendê Oil, a rich and aromatic culinary gem that adds an authentic touch to your dishes. This 1L bottle of premium Dendê Oil is carefully sourced and crafted to bring the vibrant flavors of Brazil to your kitchen.


Cepera Dendê Oil is made from carefully selected palm fruits, ensuring a high-quality oil that is both flavorful and nutritious. With its distinct reddish color and robust flavor, it is a staple ingredient in traditional Brazilian recipes, especially in dishes like Moqueca, Acarajé and traditional recipes such as stews, seafood dishes, and various Afro-Brazilian delicacies.


Experience the authentic taste of Brazil with Cepera Dendê Oil. From its unique aroma to its rich flavor profile, this oil will elevate your cooking and transport you to the heart of Brazilian cuisine. Add a touch of tradition to your favorite recipes and let Cepera Dendê Oil be your secret ingredient for delicious and memorable meals

Dende Oil Cepera 1L

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