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Introducing Amafil Fuba Mimoso Corn Flour – a versatile culinary ingredient that brings authentic flavors to your cooking. Sourced from the finest corn and carefully crafted, this 500g pack of corn flour is a must-have for food enthusiasts.

Amafil Fuba Mimoso Corn Flour offers exceptional quality and a smooth texture. It can enhance a variety of recipes, whether you're preparing traditional Brazilian dishes or exploring international cuisines.

This corn flour is perfect for creating beloved Brazilian treats like Bolo de Fubá (cornmeal cake), Pamonha (sweet corn pudding), and Cuscuz (cornmeal couscous). Additionally, it can be used as a thickening agent or a coating for frying, adding a delightful touch to your savory dishes.

With its carefully sealed packaging, Amafil Fuba Mimoso Corn Flour ensures freshness and delivers the finest quality. Elevate your culinary adventures and discover the rich flavors it brings to your kitchen.


Experience the essence of Brazilian cuisine in your own home with Amafil Fuba Mimoso Corn Flour. It's time to elevate your cooking with this versatile ingredient.

Note: Product packaging may vary.

Cornmeal Amafil, Fuba Mimoso 500g

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