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Colombian Coffee, Society Coffee

Aponte, Nariño (honey), 250gr


Colombia Aponte Nariño (honey) is a coffee unlike any other from the region. While Colombian coffees usually undergo the traditional washed method, this batch takes an intriguing detour with a meticulous honey process. Here, the beans are allowed to dry in their mucilage for up to 45 days, harnessing the cool winds of the area to ensure a uniform drying process. This coffee represents more than just a distinctive flavor; it embodies the resilience and rich heritage of the Inga, an indigenous community with deep historical roots. Despite facing recent hardships, including earthquakes, they've turned to specialty coffee production as a means of preserving tradition and driving economic growth within their community. Enjoy a cup of this exceptional coffee while savoring a taste of their unique journey.


Select whole beans or your prefered grain size and will grinde it for you.


Exciting news for coffee lovers in New Zealand! Pachamama Latino Store has teamed up with Society Coffee to bring you the finest coffees from Latin America. Society Coffee, a specialized boutique Coffee Roastery in Auckland, is known for its commitment to specialty coffee and premium roasting. They're not just coffee enthusiasts; they're true coffee sommeliers who believe in the art of coffee-making. With a passion for exploring the origins of beans, farming techniques, and flavor profiles, they ensure every cup is a delightful experience.


At Pachamama Latino Store, you can now savor the result of this collaboration by tasting the exceptional coffees brought to you by Society Coffee. It's a global coffee journey right at your doorstep.

Coffee from Colombia (Aponte, Narino)

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