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Goya's Beans Cargamanto are a Colombian culinary essential that elevates your dishes with rich, velvety flavors. Versatile and hearty, these premium beans are perfect for soups, stews, and salads.


Grown in Colombia, explore one of the main foods from Colombia. They add an authentic touch to your meals while delivering essential nutrients. Explore the tradition of Colombian cuisine with Beans Cargamanto Goya – where convenience meets heritage. 


Cook up classic Colombian Cargamanto Bean Soup, savor a robust Stewed Cargamanto Beans with Chorizo, or create a protein-packed Cargamanto Bean Salad. With Goya, every dish becomes a celebration of Colombian flavor.

Cargamanto beans Goya 439gr, foods from Colombia

$5.80 Regular Price
$4.00Sale Price
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