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Coffee is grown under the shade of native trees in Sierra Nevada. The highest coastal mountain in the world, this is a truly unique place that contains jungle, forest and paramo. The mountain sits 5,800 metres above sea level and 42km from the seashore.

UNESCO declared Sierra Nevada a Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site in 1979.

More than 15,000 indigenous people have embraced coffee farming as part of their essence and cultivate coffee full of flavour with strong and intense character. Their culture holds a profound respect for the environment due to their beliefs.

Being the highest mountain region in the world with ocean proximity, provides a unique microclimate with higher relative humidity levels that develop full bodied coffees of great intensity.

Sierra Nevada Coffee is an intense beverage with notes of hazelnut and dark chocolate.

Cup Profile: Strong

Strong coffees are characterized by their notes of nuts, cocoa, and chocolate. The location of the crops is usually in the lower parts of the mountain, with altitudes ranging between 800 and 1200 meters above sea level and average temperatures of 24 C. These coffees have a roasting process according to the profile to highlight the attributes acquired by the beans during cultivation.

Cafe Juan Valdez Sierra Nevada, whole bean 454g

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