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Mariana's Kitchen is now available in Auckland at Pachamama Latino Store, bringing you an irresistible selection of homemade empanadas. Indulge in the flavors of our delectable beef empanadas, with chicken and vegetarian options soon to follow. These precooked delights are designed for your convenience - simply heat them up in the oven, and voila! They're ready to be savored


Each pack contains 4 pre-cooked empanadas (large size)


Select your fav flavour:

  • BEEF


THIS IS A FROZEN PRODUCT PLEASE READ: we ship this product packed with ice using overnight courier which means it will arrive thawed. For this reason you MUST cook it straight away and can't refreeze it. Alternatively, we use a same-day delivery that will guarantee the product arrives frozen but it cost $38 and it's available only in Auckland. Please inquire with us before purchasing, if you have other requirements.

Argentinean Empanadas Mariana's Kitchen

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