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Elevate your taste buds with Sary's Arepas infused with chia and quinoa. A wholesome blend of tradition and innovation, ready for your culinary adventures. Enjoy the perfect harmony of flavor and nutrition with 5 pieces per pack. 380gr

IMPORTANT - FROZEN PRODUCT: When sending frozen products, we employ an overnight service through NZ Post, which may be overnight or require 2 to 3 business days for delivery. Please be aware that we don't assume responsibility for any potential thawing caused by delivery delays

You can also pick up your product from our store which is open 7 days a week. As we order the arepas on request, we may not have them in stock even if they are available online. Please contact us if you have any questions before placing your order to avoid any disappointments.

Arepas Chia and Quinoa

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