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Handcrafted knives made in Argentina by talented craftsmen and delivered directly to your door.

Each knife handle is hand-carved from native wood after a 30-day drying period. High quality steel is used to create unique blades, which include german stainless steel or high-carbon steel from recycled plow discs.


Each set comes with a hand-made leather case, tanned by natural processes that don't damage the quality of the steel when seething.


All our blades are subjected to quenching and tempering treatments to improve edge quality and resistance.

barbecue set knife and fork in a sheath
Total length: 24,5 cm
Blade length: 14 cm
Steel: AISI 420 stainless
Heat treatment: Quenching and tempering
Total weight: 0,220 Kg

Includes Sheath tanning leather and fork.

Large hand-made Knife and Fork barbecue set

Out of Stock
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