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Giant white corn - Maiz mote Goya 500g


Try maiz mote Goya to prepare traditional Caldo de is the recipe:


1 kg maiz mote Goya

500g cow's leg (or other part of the cow)

250 cow's tripe (mondongo)

1 onion

1 tomato

4 white potatos

2 tablespoons of dry chilly (aji molido)

Season with salt, oregano, rosamary, oil and pepper.



Place the mote corn in a pot, the meat and add salt and water (plenty). Bring to the boil. When the corn starts to pops, take the pot off the fire. On a pan, fry de onion, tomato, chilli, salt and pepper. When the onion is cooked, add the corn mix and cook for another 20 min. Cook the potatoes on another pan, when they are ready, add them to the mix. Add chilli and parsley to serve.

Gigant white corn (maiz mote) Goya 500g

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