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Juan Valdez Organic Whole bean coffee

Cafe organico Juan Valdez, grano entero.


Juan Valdez ground coffee has a unique robust aroma that makes it almost irresistible for anyone who really appreciates the taste of a good coffee. You'll love waking up to the strong smell of Juan Valdez coffee every morning.


Juan Valdez organic whole bean coffee will become your morning essential, you're sure to feel energized and stimulated after having a cup of this fine coffee. Juan Valdez organic coffee has mid acidity, which makes it a slightly strong beverage, smooth and enjoyable. The taste of the coffee breakfast blend makes it the perfect choice for those who love to feel the natural pronounced taste notes of a cup of coffee.

Enjoy the flavor or our 100% organic coffee certified by the USDA NOP that also meets the regulation of European Union. 



Coffee Juan Valdez Organic whole bean 500g

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