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Ajiaco - Authentic Corn and Potato Delight

This hearty soup hails from the picturesque mountains surrounding Bogotá and stands as one of Colombia's most renowned culinary treasures. Featuring tender chicken, a trio of potato varieties, and the fragrant guasca herb, Ajiaco Santafereño embodies simplicity, flavor, and the ultimate comfort in a bowl. Please note the pack doesn't include meat


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Each bag caters to either 4 generous servings or 6 smaller ones.

Ajiaco Santafereño represents a traditional Colombian soup, deeply ingrained in the nation's culinary heritage. This nourishing creation combines succulent chicken, hearty corn on the cob, and a medley of native potatoes, including the papas criollas for thickening and the signature golden hue. The aromatic guasca, an indigenous herb found throughout the Americas, lends the dish its unique and delightful flavor.


When served, Ajiaco is accompanied by table cream, capers, and avocado, allowing each diner to customize their bowl to their liking, resulting in a truly personalized dining experience.

Ajiaco Mix 900gr

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