Buy Mates - Gourds for traditional use. Natural woods, glass and ceramic gourds.


The mate (gourd) is a very personal object. The mates we stock all come with instructions for curing and maintaining it. We also stock ceramic and glass gourds which do not require curing.
When choosing a mate, you should consider size and maintenance. The pumpkin gourds are a good place to start if you prefer a more traditional style. 
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Mate Barrica

Mate Barrica      Wooden gourd
Beautifully designed wooden gourd with straw. Ready to use (already cured). Gauchada brand. Comes in several different designs and includes a straw. Stylish and beautiful!

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Pumpkin gourd handcrafted

Pumpkin gourd handcrafted      Mate de calabaza labrado a mano
Beautiful pumpkin gourd decorated by hand by an artisan from Misiones (Argentina). It requires curing. Assorted designs
Hermosos mates de calabaza labrados con fuego por un artesano Misioneso. Tienen que ser curados antes de usarse. Diseños variados

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Kraus Ceramic Gourd

Kraus Ceramic Gourd      Gourd ready to use
Ceramic gourd covered with neoprene which helps keep the drink hot, clean and ready to use!

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Mate Encanto

Mate Encanto      Ceramic gourd, beautiful!
Ceramic gourd with a straw, ready to use. They come with different designs. Includes a straw.
Base colours are black, green, pink and white. Pattern design varies.

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Mate Pasatiempo

Mate Pasatiempo      Gourd and straw ready to use
Gourd made of plastic, includes a straw. They come in different colours: pink, purple, red, light blue, black, orange, green. The motive varies.
Practical with a guard that allows you to through the used yerba mate all at once, quick and easy! It never brakes!

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