Buy Gift Packs, everything you need to start drinking yerba mate the traditional way

Beautiful ready-made gift packs include yerba mate, bombilla (straw) and gourds.
We have a selection to choose from!
Whether you are looking for a great deal for yourself or a special friend here you have everything you need to start enjoying drinking mate, the traditional way!
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Mate Rojo Gift Pack

Mate Rojo Gift Pack      Gift pack all in one!
Buy the pack and have all in one!
500g traditional Mate Rojo yerba mate with stems, a straw and a gourd.
Produced by Molinos La Mision in Obera, Misiones (Argentina).
La Mision is an environmentaly conscious company managed by a family who strive to reforest the jungle and raise environmental awareness.

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     Price: NZ$53.99

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Mate Listo

Mate Listo      All in one!
Mate listo Colombraro is a simple and efficient way to drink mate. Fill with hot water, add the yerba, close and off you go! Handy to take in the car, wherever you go! The set includes: thermo/cup/straw

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Playadito Gift Pack

Playadito Gift Pack      All in one!
Beautiful gift pack that includes:
-Printed Box
-Yerba mate Playadito 500g with stems
-Grourd: glass gourd covered in faux leather with the inscription 'Playadito', with rim. Does not require curing. Gourds come in a variety of colours, (brown, cream, black) boxes are sealed so me do not know which colour is inside.

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Premium Gift Pack

Premium Gift Pack      Wooden box gift pack
Premium wooden box gift pack includes a box with a perspex lid, hand-crafted pumpkin gourd, straw and organic yerba mate

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Kraus Gift Pack

     Set includes Kraus organic yerba mate, straw and gourd
All in one! Practical, cheap option for a pumpkin gourd, a straw and 500g of organic yerba mate. A great gift for any occasion! This gourd does not needs 'curing'
It does not come wrapped, if you wish to have it wrapped for a present please ask we will be happy to do this.

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Amanda Gift Pack (wooden gourd)

Amanda Gift Pack (wooden gourd)      Nice gift pack!
Amanda gift pack, great present
Wooden gourd covered in alloy (must be 'cured')
500g Amanda yerba mate

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     Currently Out of Stock

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