Buy Bombillas Straw use to filter yerba mate tea.

Bombillas are the straws that yerba mate drinkers use to filter the tea. We only stock high quality straws (bombillas). Our premium stainless steel bombillas are the best in the market. They will give you the longest life, be easier to clean and most importantly provide you with best tea drinking experience!
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Rosamonte Straw

Rosamonte Straw      Stainless steeel straw
Bombilla de acero inoxidable marca Rosamonte.
Stainless steel straw, easy to use and comes in a neat package.

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     Price: NZ$19.99

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Stainless steel Kraus-packed

Stainless steel Kraus-packed      Premium long-lasting stainless steal straw with spring tip for easy cleaning. Certified non-toxic. Note: does not come in the packaging showed in the picture

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     Price: NZ$25.99

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Economic Straws

Economic Straws      Economic straw, screw tip for easy cleaning, made of aluminium.

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     Price: NZ$16.90

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Stainless steel Kraus/Aguamate straw

     Traditional straw
Traditional filter straw made of stainless steel, excellent quality.
Bombilla tradicional de acero inoxidable, muy buena calidad

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     Currently Out of Stock

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